Mailing Winter 2023-2024

Le Journal du Vallon

Journal du Vallon

Dear guests, dear Friends,

I am starting this mailing with the fact that it is already December and the summer has gone by in a rush again. I would like to thank everyone who has visited us this year. It is really valuable to see that everyone travelled so many kilometres to visit us.

We started this year in a bad way because of the weather. It was unbelievable to us how much rain fell, we have never experienced it like this over here. Fortunately, everything became normal after that and we had a lovely warm weather this summer!

A lot of new people have visited us this season, so nice is that! I always ask everyone how they got to know the Vallon. Then so often I hear, “Friends of ours told us to go there”. Many thanks to everyone who recommends us!

We do our best to welcome everyone in a friendly way. For most of the season, Marianne takes care of that. She is in the reception all day to give everyone a chat and nice welcome! Surely it’s great to welcome people who live all over Europe (and even Canada and New Zealand), but who all come to us with the same intention: a wonderful holiday in Haute Provence. A place where you forget almost everything: the crowds, the daily routine, the traffic jams when you go to work… . Just waking up to the birds, drinking nice French wine accompanied by the sound of the cigalles, visiting nice Proven├žal villages, sleeping under the stars. In a nutshell: just relaxing! There was also a nice and quiet atmosphere in the Vallon this year.

This summer, many families with young children visited us. It is very nice to see that the children had a great time, especially in our new children’s playground. We are very pleased with that. And: fortunately, the playground is now finished! We expect more and more children to come as the years go by. That was our intention!

The only negative thing about this year has been the costs. This year the charges have increased so much that it is really a handicap for us to go ahead with the plans that we had. Especially the charges for electricity are way too high. But of course that’s everywhere, everyone suffers from that problem! As a result, we unfortunately had to raise our prices slightly. Also the plans we had with renovations and innovations cannot proceed as fast as we had planned.

Everything we do, we do with great pleasure. It always gives a good feeling to be able to finish something, if it is beautiful afterwards!


In 2024, there will be changes in our organisation.

Our reservation office, in Middenbeemster (NL), which is handled by Alice and Nico, is going to change.

Nico and Alice are two good friends of Jan, our deceased father. In the past, they offered Jan to take over the reservations for him. Jan had happily accepted at the time; it took a lot of work off his hands. They are convinced naturists. They have been coming to the Vallon since the beginning and therefore know the atmosphere on our campsite very well. Nico is an experienced technical man in IT and internet. This is also a hobby of him. So every year he has improved our website more and more. This one is comparable to professional work. They used to do this alongside their work. But since a few years, they are retired. They now want to enjoy the time off and freedom. They have more than earned that too. We completely understand that.

We, on behalf of the Vallon and all the friends of the Vallon, would like to THANK them VERY MUCH for all the years they have been committed to us. In their way they have contributed to the development of the Vallon, to make it what it is today: paradise in Provence. We are really going to miss them a lot, because the work they have done is remarkable. But we must now move on without them and make sure by ourselves that it remains attractive to continue visiting us. Until early February, they can still be reached at and the current phone number.

This means that from 1 February, reservations will be handled here in France, i.e. with ourselves. In January, Alice and Nico will still take care of the confirmations. So also of the options. My brother Romain with his girlfriend Camille (see photo) will take over afterwards. Of course also with me if necessary! They will do this alongside their full-time work. There will be a French phone number (0033 670397675) from 1 February that you can call if needed. The e-mail address ( will remain the same. Because they are also working, there are times during the day when they are unable to answer the phone. Sending an e-mail remains the most convenient for everyone. Of course, it’s also a new step for us, so we can’t say now exactly how everything will work out. In any case: the campsite’s number (+33 492764733) has not changed and you can always call to ask anything. Again: e-mail is the best means of communication.

We wish you and your families happy holidays. We wish everyone a lot of positive energy in the new year to do what you like to do. We will do our best to make the Vallon beautiful so you can have another great holiday.

Thank you for your loyalty every time! It is always a pleasure to see you again, every summer! The Vallon is a place where you can feel at home. That is and always will be our goal: a second home for everyone, simple and friendly!

We wish you happy holidays and a happy New Year!


Cheers! To the New Year 2024.

Prices, Discounts and Opening Hours in 2024

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Message from the Office

Le Vallon des Oiseaux: entree begin van het pad in 4 seizoenen.


30 years ago, we (Alice and Nico) started assisting Jan with administrative and marketing work. That started with a limited amount of work, it became more and more over the years. Among other things, we took care of everything around reservations for about 25 years. For a long time, this involved working more and more with Amanda. After Jan passed away, Amanda, supported by her brother Romain, took over the management of the campsite. They have since then proven that they are perfectly capable of doing so. Time for us to hand over the tasks. We will still send out all confirmations in January. Until then, we can still be reached at the existing e-mail address ( From 1 February, a new phone number will be active (0033 670397675). Of course, we remain available to Amanda and Romain to offer advice and support.

We look back on the last 30 years with great pleasure. And: we have met a lot of nice and friendly people. We wish everyone the best for the future. And perhaps we will see you soon!



Reservations are required in a number of cases: if you want to rent a mobile home or chalet, or if you want a specific pitch on the campsite. In all cases, if you make a reservation, you must accept the General Terms and Conditions. You must pay everything in advance: 3 weeks after confirmation the first half, 4 weeks before arrival the second half. This also applies to camping pitches.


We have asked everyone who has taken an option for 2024 to confirm it without any changes. If you didn’t receive an email about it? Then send an email to remind us! We will start sending confirmations around 15 January.


We continue to emphasise: take out cancellation/travel insurance before making your final booking with us. In the General Terms and Conditions, we are very clear about payment terms. Unfortunately, it is necessary to be increasingly strict about this.

Location Numbers

A few years ago, by order of the authorities, we had to change some of the pitch numbers. If you have a specific place in mind when booking, please keep that in mind. And if you are on a different pitch than the one in the confirmation: please send us a message with that changed pitch. Then next year it will automatically go smoothly if you want to be on that pitch again.


We have been able to keep prices unchanged for a number of years. For 2024, as already announced, we have had to slightly increase prices. Details can be found on the website.


We are always curious about your photos of the campsite. Or of the surroundings. Please send them to us!


This year, we again received a number of positive reviews on Google. What stops you from posting a nice review too?


We frequently hear guests at the campsite playing an instrument. How nice it would be if more people brought their instrument, and possibly would come and play on the terrace.