Mailing Spring 2023

Le Journal du Vallon

Journal du Vallon

Good morning!

It’s already spring again, we are ready to start the new season. Winter has passed quickly and we have a lot of work left behind us. The Vallon needs a lot of maintenance to keep the buildings in good shape, do repairs, take care of the green areas and comply with the prefecture’s regulations.

Among the many major projects is the renovation of the roof of the lower sanitary building with a beautiful cealing, with an exposed beam ceiling inside.

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We have completed our project for the children’s play area. We are very proud of it. It has become a beautiful park where the children can play in tranquillity while the parents relax by the pool. We are going to cover the big chess set so that people will have shade while they play.  And a second petanque court has been built at the edge of the large pool terrace.


We have trimmed many trees and cleared the edges of the grounds of brush to prevent fires. The compound looks very well maintained.

We have equipped the hot water system in the two sanitary buildings with heat pumps, which saves electricity and gas. The most important thing is that we always have hot water. The showers in the upper sanitary building are also new. We hope that you are satisfied and that we don’t have to worry anymore.

I also have to inform you that our masseur Laurent is no longer offering massages. He has decided to retire and move to another region. Many thanks to him and his wife for all the years they have been massaging at our place in Le Vallon.

We have managed to find Aurore who is ready to replace him. Aurore comes from a massage school where she learned many different techniques that she is willing to offer you this summer.

As for the hikes, we still have our guide ready to show you the different flowers and landscapes we have here in our beautiful area. He will show you places that you would not get to know on your own.

The bad news is that it hasn’t rained this winter and the water level is dropping, like everywhere else actually. It’s not so easy here, nature is suffering and so is agriculture. This summer we have to be even more careful not to waste water. We have had water collectors installed in several places to catch every drop of rainwater.

And finally, for the first time this season, we have a defibrillator at our campsite. We have placed it at the central barbecue area; it is available 7 x 24 hours. Anyone can use it in case of emergency. I hope, of course, that it never comes to that. We explain it again on arrival.

In summary, we are ready to welcome you to our little paradise, far from noise, the world and worries, to offer you a beautiful and unforgettable holiday.

We will see you again soon.

Amanda and her complete team.

Zwembad Le Vallon des Oiseaux

And in addition….

Le Vallon des Oiseaux: entree begin van het pad in 4 seizoenen.


The number of reservations is significant. This has an impact on the availability of some locations. Over several weeks, for example, some rental properties are already no longer available. Similarly, some campsites are already occupied for most of the season.

If you would like to visit us, please always contact us in advance, preferably by email. We will then discuss, for example, whether a reservation via the website is necessary. If you can’t reach the campsite directly by phone, please use the Dutch number. You can also send us an e-mail:

Cancellation and travel insurance

We would like to emphasise once again that with your booking you are agreeing on a contract with us. In that case, the general terms and conditions apply, including a payment plan. We will send you a confirmation as soon as possible, which is also the invoice. Avoid (financial) surprises, both for you and for us: take out travel cancellation/travel insurance in advance.


Have you taken a nice photo? Are we allowed to use it in a mailing or on the website? Please send us the photo. Are there recognisable people on the photo? Always ask for permission. If necessary, we will make sure that the persons are no longer recognisable.


There are many positive reviews about Le Vallon des Oiseaux on the internet. Are you also satisfied? Then leave a comment, for example on Google, Campercontact, Zoover, your national naturist organisation. Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Let us know immediately and we will try to address them.


Please respect our lunch break. We are unable to help you from 1pm to 4pm. Do you still arrive at these hours? Park in one of the parking spaces on the right-hand side of the path. Beforehand, you can swim in the pool or take a walk around the campsite. You can only enter your pitch after you have registered.

Water and Litter

We try to protect the environment while keeping costs under control. Would you like to help us?

  • The availability of water is limited. Use water carefully and sparingly!
  • We use heat pumps to produce hot water. However, these cannot supply hot water in very large quantities indefinitely. They also consume a lot of electricity. Use hot water sparingly.
  • Electricity is expensive, just like for everyone else. Therefore, we ask you not to use fairy lights in your tent or caravan, but to use solar energy as often as possible.
  • Try to separate your litter. At the end of our path, near the entrance to the campsite, you will find various bins that you can use to separate your rubbish.

Rates in 2023 and 2024

Prices have increased everywhere. And everyone is passing that on to the customer. Last year we decided not to increase prices for the 2023 season, just like the year before. You can still spend your holiday with us at the 2021 prices. Make use of this opportunity! However, we cannot avoid adjusting the prices slightly upwards next year.